Koç Kalıp Ltd. produced over 2.000 plastic injection molds since 1982. We are using latest technological equipments and machines. We are investing in an target plan with respect to pay attention on sustainable growth. Our mission is being a reliable and respectable packaging producer in our market with inovations.

We have 39 years of experience in the spool market with 30+ countries and welding wire, enamelled wire, yarn, fine wire manufacturers. Along with our strong position in the domestic market, we’re expanding our international portfolio with a aim to be an pioneer at our niche.
Company’s Story;
Koç Kalıp was established in 1982 to manufacture plastic injection molds.
  • 1991 we begun plastic products manufacturing by adding injection machines in our factory.
  • 1999, we started to produce plastic based fasteners, which was an innovation project designed by our founder Mr.Rayif Koç and got Turkish Standards.
  • 2003, we export our first plastic injection molds and we were exporting to 13 countries.
  • 2005, we started manufacturing our firsts pool in welding wire industry.
  • 2009, we started plastic bottle and PET bottle manufacturing.
  • 2014, we moved to our new fabric located in Kurtkoy, Istanbul and invested in new plastic injection machines, which updates our capacity up to 5.000 tons/year.
  • 2021, we’re moving to our new factory which is 5.000m2 located in İstanbul, with 15 injection machines and 150+ plastic injection molds to serve 30+ countries in our portfolio and we multiply our production capacity 5 times.